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Ms. Earabino will provide consulting services within the areas of scientific and regulatory aspects of clinical trials, and medical writing. She has an extensive clinical background across multiple therapeutic areas and has significant clinical trials experience, including complete site management of clinical trials at a major medical center and project management at industry leading CROs.

This experience includes managing several phase one, two and three clinical trials. Her experience extends across both clinical and scientific areas, including working on preclinical and clinical research projects, monitoring trials, conducting site reviews, data collection and safety reporting to sponsors and the FDA.

Other experience includes communicating and working with institutional Internal Review boards on all aspects of trial oversight, and new protocol development. She is also able to assist with protocol review/development, editing of source documentation and assisting in safely reporting and data collection.

Ms. Earabino has worked with several major CRO's including PPD and Quintiles and for various academic research institutions including Johns Hopkins, Duke University Medical Center and the US Government Public Health Service. She has a BA in Biology and Environmental Science from New England College, and a BS in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Earabino skills would be particularly useful to any company involved in or needing help in designing clinical trials involving humans, especially trials involving new drugs or new diagnostics. In addition she can assist companies in compiling existing data and document auditing prior to a FDA submission.

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